Gary Vaynerchuk's personal trainers explain how you can enjoy your favorite foods without guilt while losing weight, getting stronger, and improving your health.

Some “experts” say, Don’t eat carbs because insulin makes you fat. Other “experts” say, Don’t eat fat because fat makes you fat. Others say, Don’t eat protein because protein makes you fat. Some even say, Don't eat fruit because sugar makes you fat. So the logical conclusion would be not to eat anything at all . . . except for the other “experts” who say that makes you fat because it's starvation mode.

Who should you believe? Who is right? Who is an ignoramus? And who is just trying to make a quick buck? It’s confusing and difficult to know who to trust, but by the end of this book you’ll realize you don’t need to eliminate anything from your diet. You can enjoy all your favorite foods (in moderation) while losing fat and achieving your goals.

The issue is the “in moderation” bit. That’s not a fun or sexy sell. And most people are far less likely to spend their money on “moderation” when a half-naked Instagram influencer is advertising that you can lose 50 pounds in 24 hours while stuffing your face full of cake! That said, considering you’ve got this book in your hands, you must be tired of the lies and deception in fitness marketing and are ready to understand the truth.

Let’s dive in.

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